Health, safety, wellness & Driver Solutions

The Mindful Trucker Corporate Services:

Social Media Marketing & Ad Design for Recruiting 

Premium Driver Recruiting      

Mental Wellness & Resiliency Training

Driver Relations Coaching

Wealth Dynamics Team Assessments & Training

Pre-Trip/Coupling/Uncoupling/Road Evaluations

Nutrition & Fitness Challenges For Team Members

Dealer For Pioneer Safety Solutions (ELD’S, Remote Reefer Controls, & 360 Cameras)

Contact us today and let’s have a conversation, exploring how we may serve you and your company, creating a healthier corporate culture, improved safety, and better recruiting & retainment practices, so you can focus on what you do best, which is working on your business, and serving your customers.

Dana G Smith, The Mindful Trucker

The Mindful Trucker is focused on health, safety, wellness, and driver solutions in the transportation sector, focusing on putting the hi-touch human connection back into our daily hi-tech environment.

We help create a safer, happier, more engaged employee, who feels as though they are a bigger part of your team. This translates into a more productive, safer driving force for your company, which in turn, will increase productivity, create longer lasting employees, attract new ones, and save you time and money.

We offer a learning platform for your driving force, wherever they are. We enable them to discover more about themselves, and how they can feel more valued for what they do. It also allows for more connection to what really matters to them. A happy driver is a more productive one.

Check out our home page to see what products and services we offer. Helping your company is our purpose, mission, and vision for the transportation industry. Contact us, and let’s have a conversation.


Create a corporate culture that will attract the right people for your team.

The Mindful Trucker helps your company create a step by step plan for your driving force based on

5 core elements:


Knowing Your Flow


Managing Your Flow


Validating Your Value

The Communication Connector

Minding What Matters

With this system in place, you can scale your time, your team, and your impact.

You can have the right people for your team, creating a sustainable culture and workforce.

A customized solution that fits your needs.


The Mindful Trucker wants you, and your team to succeed helping everyone be the best they can be.

From companies to drivers, everyone has a part to play in making our industry a better place.

What if you could:

… become an industry leader

… build a high-performing, valued team

… become an ambassador in your industry

… be the go-to employer

… create a long-lasting impact

– create a sustainable driving force

– and create safer, more mindful drivers

Find Your Drivers Of Tomorrow, Today!