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Looking for professional truck drivers can be a daunting task at the best of times. According to Trucking HR Canada, there will be a shortage of 25,000 driving jobs by 2023. The costs associated with hiring someone new can be thousands/hire. If you are a small to medium sized Canadian trucking company looking for experienced, professional drivers, look no further than The Mindful Trucker and Green Light Canada. As an authorized referral agent for Green Light Canada, we can help you find your drivers of tomorrow, today! The Mindful Trucker knows Trucking, Green Light Canada knows HR. Together we can help you get started. 

Having a positive work culture at your business is key to having happy, productive team members that will promote your company, and be more likely to stick around for the long haul. Contact The Mindful Trucker today to see how we can help you with having a positive company culture.


How does health and safety affect your business? it can affect it in many ways, such as employee absenteeism, insurance claims, lost productivity, and your bottom line. Contact The Mindful Trucker today to see how good health and working safe in the workplace can help you.


Contact us today to explore how you and your company can create a healthier corporate culture and improved safety. A more engaged, connected driving force, and fulfill your driver requirements.

Dana G Smith, The Mindful Trucker

The Mindful Trucker is focused on health, safety, wellness, and driver solutions in the transportation sector, focusing on putting the hi-touch human connection back into your daily hi-tech environment.

We help create a safer, happier, more engaged employee, who feels as though they are a bigger part of your team. This translates into a more productive, safer driving force for your company, which in turn, will increase productivity, create longer lasting employees, attract new ones, and save you time and money.

We offer a learning platform for your driving force, wherever they are. We enable them to discover more about themselves and how they can feel more valued for what they do. It also allows for more connection to what really matters to them. A happy driver is a more productive one.

We also help you find your drivers of tomorrow, today! Partnering with Green Light Canada, to find you experienced, professional drivers to add to your driving force.


Create a corporate culture that will attract the right people for your team.

The Mindful Trucker helps your company create a step by step plan for your driving force based on

5 core elements:


Knowing Your Flow


Managing Your Flow


Validating Your Value

The Communication Connector

Minding What Matters

With this system in place, you can scale your time, your team, and your impact.

You can have the right people for your team, creating a sustainable culture and workforce.

A tailored solution that fits your needs.


The Mindful Trucker wants you, and your team to succeed helping everyone be the best they can be.

From companies to drivers, everyone has a part to play in making our industry a better place.

What if you could:

… become an industry leader

… build a high-performing, valued team

… become an ambassador in your industry

… be the go-to employer

… create a long-lasting impact?

– find your drivers of tomorrow, today!

– and create safer, more mindful drivers

Find Your Drivers Of Tomorrow, Today!