In life, we have many challenges and things that we are trying to accomplish. We all have goals and dreams about the way we want to live our lives. There are a lot of things that drive our life and what we do in it.

Some are happy and satisfied with the way things are. Others are on a mission to achieve and create all kinds of different things. Have you ever asked yourself what motivates people to do what they do? There are many motivators that can trigger people to do something. Take for example, weight loss. What motivates people to lose weight? Maybe, it is that they don’t like the way they look. It could be that someone close to them are having health problems, they could be trying to fill a void from an unrelated emotional trauma, or they are just plain unhappy with their circumstances.

Whatever the case may be, we all have that thing that drives us, in us. With some, it may take a catastrophic event to release it. For others, it could be the drive to achieve, to be the best that they can be. Some of the motivators are family, children, health, time, money, or a passion for something. A passion for something is usually the driving force behind a lot of successful businesses.

When you think of what drives you, you could take it literally, and think that its the vehicle you drive. Did you know that the vehicle you drive is actually a motivator? A vehicle is not an actual vehicle you drive, but a way to get you to your goals and dreams. Picture a highway with many roads, you are in a vehicle driving. Step back, and take a birds eye view of that highway system. What you see is a way to get you where you are going. It’s the journey along the way, that path that gets you there. This is a progress motivator. The closer you get to the next step, the more motivated you become.

Change, and moving forward, are the path to your destination. This could be a certain career that you are in, people that you meet along the way, or circumstance of being in the right place at the right time. There are no coincidences, there is a divine plan of what your purpose is on this earth. Watch for the signs along the way, as they are there.

As a truck trainer, I often asked students, what drives you to become a professional driver? Most of the time the answers are one or more of the above reasons. Time, seems to be the main motivator. It seems that people today are motivated by the lack of time. They have been too busy, being busy, being preoccupied with things that fill their time, such as excuses, rather than focusing on getting to their goals. Because of this, they never achieve what they set out to achieve. That time they don’t have, or can’t get back is very precious. Remember, time isn’t like money. You can’t just make more of it.

Discovering what your driving force is, can be very rewarding. It is what will help drive you forward on your quest in life, to achieve your goals and have a happier, more fulfilling life. Ask yourself, if I know what my driving force is, what can I accomplish, and how much further can I go.

How do you know what your driving force is?

Start with asking yourself, “why”? I don’t mean the surface “why”. I mean the underlying “why”. Take your career for example. Why do you do it? Why do you get up everyday and go to your job. There must be some reason. You either are passionate about it or not. If not, then find something else to do. If you are passionate about it, what do you like about it? Make a list. As you start to make this list, you will start to find common threads. Pay attention to the commonalities. This will help you to find what drives you.

So, what is your driving force? Is it your partner, your children, money, a passion for something? Only you know what that is. Discover it today, and follow that force, because you never know where it may take you.

Dana G. Smith, CC

Dana G Smith CC is a Certified Relationship Coach/Consultant and co-creator of The Mindful Trucker, helping companies and professional drivers with better Health, Safety, Wellness & Driver Solutions.