As a lot of you already know, time is a precious commodity these days. I suppose it’s always been that way. However, most of us never really notice.

We take our time, we waste our time, we are ahead of time, we race against time, we have time on our hands, we stand the test of time, and time flies when you’re having fun. Even going so far as to wanting the time back. So, what is it with all this time? What do you do with your time, and does time really matter in the grand scheme of things.

In the transportation and logistics business, time does matter. It could mean the difference of whether you maintain or loose a freight contract. It could mean the difference of having a team that is in it for the long haul or not. Or maybe, it could mean the difference between your work and life balance. What ever the case, time just keeps on ticking.

Let’s look at that for a minute (no pun intended).

In the Trucking Business, time is very important. Trucking companies are rated on their on-time delivery everyday. It’s like a score card, if you will. These score cards are often used as a guide to track and measure the progress of the shipments and how the trucking company is doing with delivering on its promises and contracts. Every department and team member must perform to their best and get the job done in order for the company to get the contract schedules fulfilled and the freight delivered in a timely manner. But what if something goes wrong? How will you deal with it? Do you have policies and procedures in place, and a plan to deal with unforeseen circumstances? If you don’t, you should! You can’t plan for everything, but having a plan in place for the “what if’s”, can really save you a lot of extra time in the long run.

Your Team is a very important part of your company. They are the driving force behind it. A happy team is a productive team. How does time affect your team? We all have the same 24 hours in a day. So, why do some people use their time wisely, and others waste it? A lot of it comes down to knowing who you are, what you want, and focusing on your goals. If you know who you are and what you want, then you’re much more likely to be focused on what you need to say yes too, and what you need to say no too. You set goals and achieve them only because you are focused on the end goals and don’t get side tracked by things that can waste your time .

Your Work/Life Balance can be a hard thing to achieve, but it doesn’t have to be. Again, taking the time to know what you want is the first thing. Knowing where you are and where you want to be in 1 or 5 years from now is the second thing to do. This is where a future vision comes into play. It’s a way to map out all of these things and put them into perspective so they are attainable. Knowing what’s important to you is the third thing. Once you know all of these things, it becomes pretty clear on what path you need to take, to be where you want to be. You are the only person that determines what kind of life you want to live. This is how one achieves a balance in their life and time. As time ticks on, we don’t want to waste any precious moments on this earth being scattered. Make the most of your time and get clear on your pathway.

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Tips on how you can use your time wisely; focusing on these 6 things,

  1. Know who you are and what you want.
  2. Know what you are good at, your gifts and strengths.
  3. Know where you are now.
  4. Know where you want to be in 1 or 5 years, complete a future vision.
  5. Create a plan to achieve your goals by working your future vision backwards to the present.
  6. Put your plan into action.

At, we help people and businesses with this very thing. It may seem simple enough, but at times, we need to be held accountable for what we do, by having someone help us out, and get us to our end goals much faster.

So, as time ticks on, will you be balancing your time wisely? I often think at times, that I wasted a lot of my time over the years not knowing what I wanted, or where I was going. When I look back on it, the journey I took was the exact one I was suppose to take to put me where I am, right now, at this time.

If you would like some help focusing and making the most of your time, please reach out to us at

Until next time…

Dana G. Smith, CC

Dana G Smith CC is a Certified Relationship Coach/Consultant and co-creator of The Mindful Trucker, helping companies and professional drivers with better Health, Safety, Wellness & Driver Solutions.