We often hear people say, “why isn’t this working?, I’m working hard, and can’t catch a break”

Whether you are wanting that ideal job, more money, a better relationship, and/or better health, there are key components that must show up. Trusting what spirit has planned for us is a hard thing to do. We tend to focus on all the bad things, and don’t see the signs right in front of us.

Sometimes it’s just not the right time, or other things must be in place before these things can happen. Otherwise, if your wish showed up too soon, you may not be ready for it. You may not have the skills, or gratitude to recognize the gift. Everything and everyone in life has a specific purpose to us.

As we move through life, we experience good and bad things. Look at these things as teachable moments in time instead of burdens, because they are setting you up for something in the future. Everything is connected to a path that takes you to a pre-determined outcome. You have to know that these signs are not there to hurt you, but to direct you in a particular direction.

The future you, is a lot like baking a cake. You need the right ingredients, the right skills, the right tools, and the environment to prepare everything. When the time is right, the cake will bake itself. In today’s society our expectations seem to be immediate gratification. Life doesn’t work that way. Remember, there is always a higher plan for you. It takes time, and is a lifetime of learning, focusing on the journey, rather than the destination.

Your recipe to get what you want, and be where you should be, begins with all the right ingredients:

Ingredient #1 – Clarity

Look back on your life to see what has happened so far and take notice of any emerging patterns. These patterns are showing you a path, take notice. When you write things down or think them, spirit has a way of creating these things in the universe. They may not always manifest themselves as you think. Be specific! Be very clear about what you want. Write out your goals and date it, so you can reflect and track what, and when things happen. This may help to give you more clarity.

Ingredient #2 – Focus

Focusing more on the “why” you are doing something, rather than the “what”, will give you the drive and passion to pursue whatever it is that you are seeking for the long haul. Doing something primarily for money will not be fulfilling, long lasting, or achieve your goals. You need to have your heart in it from the start. If you focus mostly on the “what you are suppose to be doing”, you will not be open to the possibilities and sabotage yourself. It’s not a race to the finish.

Ingredient #3 – Purpose

Having a purpose everyday is what drives us as humans. If there is no purpose, we die. We all need that purpose to survive. It could be as simple as helping another, doing something kind for someone, something you do to provide for your family, or a purpose for your health. Each and every person has a different purpose that drives them. What’s yours?

Ingredient #3 – Asking For Help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Find a mentor, someone who has been there and done that, who can show you how. They can help you network, or skill build. This is called jumping into someone else’s flow. It is much faster than trying to reinvent the wheel. We are sometimes afraid to ask for help, thinking it as a sign of failure or weakness. In fact, it’s a sign of a true leader, to help, and uplift other people.

Ingredient #5 – Your Why?

Why is your goal important? Why are you doing what you’re doing? This is really the key to your long term success. If you don’t know your “why”, then how is anyone else going to know what it is? This will be the main driver, the core ingredient in what you do. Because without this, your cake won’t turn out right.

These are just a few of the ingredients you may need to move forward. Instead of looking at the past mistakes and failures as the bad things in life, remember that cake you are making is a mixture for your future, and it can be what you want it to be.

Dana G. Smith, CC

Dana G Smith CC is a Certified Relationship Coach/Consultant and co-creator of The Mindful Trucker, helping companies and professional drivers with better Health, Safety, Wellness & Driver Solutions.