Who is your Superhero?

A superhero is a fictional hero having extraordinary or super human powers. An exceptionally skillful or successful person. 

That sounds like pretty big shoes to fill. But really, it’s a metaphor for someone who is or who has become a role model for you. Some people have one role model, and some have many. We look up to these people to learn and qualities from, that guide us through life. 

These are great if they are positive role models. Teaching you the difference between right and wrong, teaching values, and showing you how to do things. This is how we learn. They could be a father, mother, friend, teacher, uncle, aunt, or grandparent, etc. Someone who demonstrates confidence, determination, and leadership qualities. Someone who is well rounded and admits to their mistakes, and isn’t afraid to be themselves. They inspire and lift you up. 

A negative role model can have devastating consequences. Negative role models typically do things to cause negative outcomes, and often steer towards unproductive behaviours. These can have very negative consequences as one becomes an adult. 

In trucking, having a positive role model makes a big difference. It can have a ripple affect that can inspire you, and others after you, to become the best person you can be in your career. Surround yourself with positive role models. I have a had a few in my career, teaching me things like respect, values, and setting standards that value myself, and the company I work for.

An example of this might be learning how to say “NO” in certain circumstances. The word “NO” is a very powerful word that can be used in a few different ways. By saying “NO” to something doesn’t mean you are being hateful or rude, it just means that you are valuing yourself. You don’t have to say “YES” to everything. Self care is the most important thing you can do for yourself.

Qualities Of A Good Role Model

  1. High moral values

2. Confidence

3. Hardworking

4. Respectful

5. Optimistic​ ​and​ ​Creative

For myself, my parents are my positive role models. As a kid, my dad used to take me fishing and hunting often. I learned a lot of things doing that. He taught me how to hunt for food, how to survive in the woods if I ever got lost, how to build a fire, he taught me the value of hard work how to get what I want, but also, how to be caring and loving at the same time.

My dad is a bit rough around the edges but a very caring compassionate person inside who loves his kids. We still hug each other every time we see each other. It’s one of the greatest feelings in the world to have a role model like that. I am very fortunate to have 2 in my life. My mother taught me how to handle money, punctuality, and responsibility, etc. They both always encouraged me to do better and how to be a caring loving person to the people around me. 

I hope that you have or have had a positive role model in your life as well. 

Who is your role model?

This is just a small part of your overall being in this world. Take inventory of your role models. Are they a positive influence on you? Do they inspire you? 

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Dana G. Smith, CC

Dana G Smith CC is a Certified Relationship Coach/Consultant and co-creator of The Mindful Trucker, helping companies and professional drivers with better Health, Safety, Wellness & Driver Solutions.