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Women’s Trucking Federation of Canada

The Women’s Trucking Federation of Canada, a non-profit organization established to encourage the employment of women in the Transportation Industry. Our purpose is to promote personal growth and responsibility whether you’re” In the Office, under the Hood or behind the Wheel”. 

The Mindful Trucker is now a proud partner and sponsor of The Women’s Trucking Federation of Canada. We also believe in empowering women, expanding employment of women, and improving & promoting training standards. Recognizing all drivers as qualified professionals, encouraging unity between new & experienced drivers, both men and women, and enhancing safety issues facing women in the industry. Promoting Trucking as a viable career option, and providing mentoring and coaching to all drivers.



October 2020…

Join the Safety Dawg, Chris Harris with his newest podcast with The Mindful Trucker, Dana Smith, for a look at what The Mindful Trucker is all about and what we do. 

To contact or for more information on the Safety Dawg, Chris Harris, your safety compliance expert, you can go to:




July 2020… The Thank an Essential Worker/Thank-a-Trucker Promotion has been created by Aaron Lindsay and Glen Caldwell of NAL Insurance.

This is a full trailer wrap that will be travelling throughout Canada with truck stop events to provide truckers with food options and personal protective gear while out on the road during the Covid 19 pandemic. The Mindful Trucker is a proud sponsor of this wonderful promotion and would like to thank all essential workers for their contribution during Covid 19 and beyond. You keep our nation and services running through the best and worst of times.

THANK YOU, from The Mindful Trucker and the many sponsors of this promotion, which are listed on the trailer.

December 2019… They have arrived!

Dana G. Smith CC, The Mindful Trucker, has been chosen as one of the top 50 visionaries of 2019 by Radical Business Magazine.

Within the article you will find an up close and personal interview about what The Mindful Trucker is all about and why it was created.

Now available at or you can contact us at to purchase your copy.

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