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At The Mindful Trucker, we are passionate about helping your Company and your Driving Force Improve Health, Safety, & Wellness. Driver Solutions to help you shift gears into the future.

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The Mindful Trucker is always looking for new partnerships. If you or your company have a product or service that would fit well within our Health, Safety, Wellness, and Driver Solutions platform in the transportation industry, please reach out to us. You never know what can happen when you collaborate together.


October 2020…

Join the Safety Dawg, Chris Harris with his newest podcast with The Mindful Trucker, Dana Smith, for a look at what The Mindful Trucker is all about and what we do. 

To contact or for more information on the Safety Dawg, Chris Harris, your safety compliance expert, you can go to:




July 2020… Thank-a-Trucker Promotion has been created by Aaron Lindsay and Glen Caldwell of NAL Insurance.

This is a full trailer wrap that will be travelling throughout Canada with truck stop events to provide truckers with food options and personal protective gear while out on the road during the Covid 19 pandemic. The Mindful Trucker is a proud sponsor and would like to thank all essential workers for their contribution during Covid 19 and beyond.

THANK YOU, from The Mindful Trucker and the many sponsors of this promotion, which are listed on the trailer.

Thank You Drivers…

The Mindful Trucker would like to thank all the professional drivers out there that work in the transportation industry. 

Professional drivers are a vital lifeline between producers and consumers, ensuring goods of all types are available across the nation.

Each and every day you deliver goods, facing numerous challenges along the way. Without YOU, the supply chain would come to a stand still.

 THANK YOU, for what you do, day in and day out, from all of us at The Mindful Trucker.





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