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At The Mindful Trucker, we are passionate about helping your Company and your Driving Force Improve Health, Safety, Wellness, & Driver Solutions, helping you shift gears into the future.

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Pioneer Safety Solutions & The Mindful Trucker have partnered together to bring you end to end, coast to coast solutions in the transportation industry. Pioneer Safety Solutions is a passionate and innovative provider of high-quality safety technology that offers tailored solutions for operations of all sizes. 

If your trucking company or training school is looking for ELD’s, On Board Camera Systems, Remote Reefer Controls, Engine Diagnostics, Driver Coaching Software, Automatic Maintenance Scheduling, Safety Monitoring Devices, or any number of trucking solutions


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Communications Partner Package

The Mindful Trucker understands how important it is to have your job postings be seen in today’s market, but you also need the right person to apply. The applicant needs to understand exactly what you are looking for.

Now offering an affordable Communication Partner Package, specific to organizations that are looking to hire top talent, or are looking to showcase their services to a broader audience in the transportation and logistics industries. Allow us the opportunity to serve you and bring exposure to your job postings, or services to thousands of professionals in our industry, while you focus on doing what you do best, working on your business, and serving your customers!


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7 Day Professional Driver Nutrition Challenge

Professional Driver Nutrition Consulting

PACE Wellness is focused on education and the foundations of food & nutrition making you better equipped to make more mindful, healthier choices. We recognize that being on the road can be challenging to say the very least. Sleeping in your cabs, eating out, reduced activity, feelings of isolation and lack of sleep are just a few challenges that you face daily while out on the road. For this reason we are excited to have partnered with The Mindful Trucker to offer 1 on 1 Nutrition Counselling, & Guidance.

Learn the importance of balanced meals, understanding macronutrients, the importance of hydration, meal planning, mindful eating, the importance of proper sleep and nutrition, and setting goals & intentions for your continued health. If you want to improve your life, start with your nutrition.


90-Day Professional Driver Fitness Challenge

Professional Driver Ignite Fitness Challenge

Being a professional driver, and being on the road most of the time can be challenging. 

With stress and anxiety levels through the roof these days, and being on tight schedules, it is more important than ever to maintain a healthy lifestyle through proper exercise. 

Our 90 Day Professional Driver Ignite Fitness Challenge does just that. Whether it’s to lose weight, eat better, or exercise, we are there every step of the way to help you reach your goals, so you don’t run into roadblocks. The biggest roadblock you’ll face when trying to lose weight, eat healthy or exercise is staying motivated long enough to make it happen.To help you overcome that roadblock (and others), we’ve created the 90 Day Professional Driver Ignite Fitness Challenge.

So let’s get started…

Mental Wellness & Resiliency Training

The top 3 issues facing the trucking industry today are:

  1. Driver Recruiting
  2. Driver Retention
  3. Mental Wellness

This affects everyone, creating a ripple effect and crippling business. We have changed the Paradigm. Our Program starts at the top, empowering everyone to a new, successful way of doing business.

A New Way of Recruiting, Increased Job Satisfaction, Increased Driver Retention, Increased Driver Productivity, Increased Driver Value & Connection.

If you think retention seems impossible. It’s not!

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Tractor Trailer & Straight Truck Professional Driver Evaluations

Is your trucking fleet hiring professional drivers in, or from Eastern Canada?

For many trucking companies, finding the right people with the right skill level is a challenge. Whether you are hiring new drivers, or refreshing experienced drivers, safety is at the top of the list.

Commercial Safety College & The Mindful Trucker know how important this is to you and your business.

Now offering: Pre-Trip Inspections, Coupling/Uncoupling, and Road Evaluations on your new hires, and/or driver refreshers.

Knowing you are qualifying the best drivers and giving you and your business, peace of mind.

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Commercial Used Truck & Trailer Sales

Are you an Owner/Operator looking to buy or sell your next truck or trailer? Are you a Fleet Owner looking to trade your truck or trailer fleet returns? We can help!

We already have buyers for your used equipment, and would appreciate an opportunity to bid on the equipment that is coming up for sale. We service Canada & USA and our goal is to help you achieve top dollar for your equipment.

Contact: Darren Sheppard today, and see how he can help you.


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Premium Driver Recruitment

Does your company own trucks? Are you looking for drivers? The Mindful Trucker is your premium driver recruiting partner. We believe in not just finding you a driver, but finding you the right driver. It can be difficult to find drivers today, partner with us to find your drivers of the future, today!

If you believe your company has a great team environment, a fair compensation program, and wants to see your drivers succeed in all aspects of their life, contact us today to see what The Mindful Trucker can do for you and your company.

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Thank You Drivers…

The Mindful Trucker would like to thank all the professional drivers out there that work in the transportation industry.

Professional drivers are a vital lifeline between producers and consumers, ensuring goods of all types are available across the nation.

Each and every day you deliver goods, facing numerous challenges along the way. Without YOU, the supply chain would come to a stand still.

THANK YOU, for what you do, day in and day out, from all of us at The Mindful Trucker.

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